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  2. The Droadal Region

    Long ago, the Droadal region was completely uninhabited by human life. A thick fog caused by poor weather conditions clouded it away from sight until events in Hoenn where the legendary Pokemon Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza were awakened. The global sunrays parted the fog, then the awful downpour cleansed the area. When the skies were split by Rayquaza's descent, a global weather reset button was pressed, so to speak, preventing the fog from forming again. After the dust settled from the grand event, a group of sailors on their way overseas to Kalos noticed a strange island far to the southeast that was uncharted. Upon further inspection, the island was part of an archipelago, and in the center was a small continent. Time passed as investigation went on. Parties were sent to search and scout the area out and as it so happened, the land was untouched by any other humans. However, it was abundant with Pokemon. In a vie to expand early, the Pokemart company created a headquarters on this new land; their largest expansion yet. A city was built around this large Pokemart headquarters and soon the region was thriving with trainers seeking out the Pokemon of Droadal. Where the region doesn't seem to have any new Pokemon, it does have new resources and an odd, mystical power about it. Many mysteries lie around Droadal, waiting to be unraveled as it is slowly populated and built up. Two-hundred years have passed since its discovery, the entire archipelago having been built upon now. The Pokemon League has inhabited Droadal, installing functional gyms and instating an elite four and champion system; their next step, however, takes place atop the main continent's highest peak. Atop Bristle Mountain, the Pokemon league is constructing a coliseum where a grand tournament shall soon be held. Amongst the construction of Droadal, a team of Pokemon using ruffians has just risen up. Submitting to no uniform or pattern, Team Dread consists of hired mercenaries who are given naturally strong Pokemon to complete tasks given to them by their faceless leader. Beware, new trainers, they seek to apprehend and consolidate your Pokemon to their cause. Their scientists have created powerful mind control devices and planted them on ball capsules, turning the Pokemon inside to servants to their cause. What could they be planning with their mischief? Team Dread's construction has stirred one of the members of the Elite Four into retirement. Ezekiel, ex Elite Four has formed his own organization known as Team Dusk in order to counter Dread's actions and in order to cleanse the region of trainers like team Dread that misuse their Pokemon for selfish gain. Are they friend or foe? Talk of yet another organization spreads throughout the town talk as well, though it is unknown whether their motives are truly good or evil. Order of the Faith- mysterious men and women clad in robes seem to be spreading some form of religion pertaining to a Legendary Pokemon. Their Church seems harmless enough, but they seem to come off as sinister somehow. But the real question remains. Where will you be in all of this?
  3. Welcome to the Website

    I think it's only appropriate that we break in this new website with some Careless Whisper.
  4. Server Rules

    Server Rules Don't be a jerk. Don't metagame. Don't be a jerk.
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